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Versioning of Structure Groups/Folders/Publications

Many times somebody has updated the Publication Properties, Folder Metadata, Structure Group Metadata, Category Properties or Keyword Properties/Metadata only to break something and it be found out later.

We can see the issue, when it occurred, but it would be great if we could see who changed it and get a comparison of the change at least.

We could benefit from complete beginning, although a simpler system would do.

For instance, we could live without rolling back/forward.

I know we can implement our own solutions for this, but it would be good to see this in the core product.

Edit (2017-06-04) by  fixed typo and added Categories & Keywords

  • This is a legitimate use case for large enterprise customers... a large Financial customer in the US required this, and we had to build a completely custom implementation that used Event System to log out to external ORM system because key things are not versioned.  In addition, we had to design their solution to use custom components with custom schema to hold data so that it would be versioned, while it would have been much easier and cleaner design to use metadata of Publications/Folders instead if that was versioned (or at least auditable).

  • I think this is also very closely related to the same kind of issue with Localization.  Relying on versions of Localized components fails when they are unlocalized because all versioning and auditability of that content is then lost forever.

    So extending this idea to include the ability to audit component (and other identifiable object versioning) that is un-localized would be required for industries that are highly regulated (e.g. Financial customers).

    This is also noted here in this other idea:

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