Capability for DXD to serve dynamic content in other formats other than XHTML

The Ask:

Capability for DXD to serve dynamic content in other formats other than XHTML.

  1. CMS should be extensible to support multiple rendering formats.
    1. CMS should have the ability to define a transform (configuration or plugin) from DITA to a custom format. The format may or may not be XML.
    2. CMS should allow the author to indicate which objects the format transform apply to.
    3. Multiple formats can be specified for the same DITA source content deliverable.
  2. DXD should have the capability to provide the custom format as a rendering when requested by KaaS though a parameter (e.g. format=).
  3. Target rendered formats should be created  and indexed at index time as much as possible to avoid latency at query time.
  4. The dynamic contextual filtering capabilities at query time is retain for any specified format like it is today for XHTML.
  • Hi Dave,

    We want to generate through CM a non-XHTML object  (e.g. PDF, Adaptive Card json) and have that object delivered through dynamic delivery (i.e. not as a static resource).

    This would make it easier us to deliver content to our downstream clients who asks for other formats.



  • Hi Richard, 

    May I ask you to elaborate on the business case, what is currently blocking you or making it harder?

    The special thing about rendering OASIS DITA is that this DITA standard comes with all kinds of publishing rules (one single file can influence 1000+ files over navtitle, @conref or @keyref mechanisms) Therefor we did CMS preprocessing to end up with XHTML on the delivery side. XHTML in turn can be parsed (actually XML if you will), so what would are you missing that you need "another custom format"?

    Best wishes,