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Deleting multiple output formats at once

When deleting output formats from Web Client, output format must be deleted one by one. I expect that Web Client will be enhanced to be able to delete multiple output formats at once.

In our company, multiple output formats are published for each baseline. For example, PDF for print, PDF for proof, DITA XML for data exchange, Objects list, and so on. In addition, we create a bunch of baselines due to the revision of the document. To reduce disk space to store those outputs, we need to delete outputs for the old versions of the baseline.

  • Currently,only the system administrator, that's me, is worry about disk space of the SQL server. Of course I can use all tools available with Triditon Docs. As you said, it's possible to delete multiple output formats as once from Publication Manager. But I have to take care of so many publications. Therefore, opening publication using Publication Manager is painful for me. I'll consider to set a rule that an owner of each publication must delete unnecessary output formats when he or she create a new baseline.

  • Hi 

    Could you share with me more details on your use case? Who (role) is responsible for such outputs deletion? What Tridion Docs tools are available for such person?

    In case if Publication manager is available, it can completely satisfy your needs to delete several outputs at once.