Idea Delivered Partially

Thanks for the suggestion! There is actually a way to do what you'd like in the custom side panel, although it requires some customization to set up.

Firstly I should explain that it would not work at this point to add core product functionality for this, since there are so many possible requirements, different from each organization, for example:

  • Whether there are certain outputs that should not be generated by Collective Spaces users, for example web-based outputs through DXD that require an editor to check and generate
  • All the possibilities around different language outputs, and managing user expectations on what should happen when not all content is available in that language (remember that Collective Spaces is aimed primarily at SME users and does not expect them to understand the whole model of Tridion Docs)
  • Possible generation of "change-tracked" outputs across different publication versions.

If you consider the richness of the output publishing in Publication Manager, you can see that could be overwhelming for SME users in Draft Space.

And from a resourcing and prioritization perspective, there are other areas that are clear priorities across many customers, such as more powerful features for reviewers.

BUT, it is absolutely possible to use the custom side panel feature to add controls that would allow Collective Spaces users to generate outputs as permitted/configured by the individual customer organization, relying of course on the Tridion Docs API to drive it. Typically, this would be a Professional Services engagement, but of course on-premise customers with the ability and interest to customize it themselves can do so too.

Hope this helps.

Draft Space: Publishing of documents

To view the changes in the PDF after editing the content in Draft Space, users have to locate the publication in the web client and publish the document. It would help users if there is an option to publish the documents from Draft Space.