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Thanks for the idea. I understand the concept, and one could also look to take it further to offer interactive controls on what's published where and when.

Nevertheless, any kind of GUI on top of DXD would be a large project, to be weighed carefully against other priorities. 

To help "incubate" this idea, it would be great to hear in this thread from customers who would like similar functionality – what it would do for them from a business point of view and how they envisage it working. (And votes of course to indicate interest!)

Thanks again.

DxD admin interface

DxD is currently a black box that can only be presented by the DXA Dynamic Documentation module. There have been occasions where a lack of administrative interface has made things difficult:

  • As this is a licensed piece of product, customers always wonder what DxD looks like, . 
  • After publications / topics are published to DxD (and represented in a client-side application), the operations team have no clue of what have been published into DxD, and what are being consumed by the client-side applications (and by what application). A reporting mechanism would be nice.
  • Developers do not have an easy way to check if their code works as expected, unless writing a separate program / GraphQL query to view the DxD data
  • When there is an error on the site (e.g. a publication / metadata is not appearing), again that separate program is needed

All of these can be custom development but it would be nice if the DxD itself comes with an admin interface.