TD14SP1 Authoring Bridge: Allow resizing of properties dialog AND remember last size

We have customized our Properties dialog to separate and simplify the complex set of metadata for distinct lines of business. Most of our users operate with oXygen or Publication Manager and therefore use the Properties dialog that's part of the Authoring Bridge. The width taken by the required number of tabs exceeds that of the Properties dialog:

To reach the other end requires a minimum of two clicks on a 15x15 square. This is annoying enough if you're a user with full motor control and great eyesight. Tiny control points are really problematic if you don't have both of those privileges. Thank you for enabling keyboard navigation through tabs, especially HOME/END. Those are usually overlooked.

  • Make all dialogs resizable. This is never a question and not up for debate.
    • Users may have limited visual acuity and operate at "unreasonably" low screen resolutions as far as designers are concerned. The designer should prioritize usage overall.
    • Non-resizable dialogs are annoying when you have wide or tall content and either have to repeatedly scroll back-and-forth or angrifying when the designer has not thought to enable scrollbars when needed. (I can think of many Microsoft examples that persist to this day.)
  • Having to constantly fight the UI to get it to do what you want (vs. what a designer wants), like resizing a dialog, reordering columns, etc. does not make your day better. Let me set it and forget it.