SDL Slack Channel

Not Planned

I don't know if this is already a thing, but it would be great to get a SDL Knowledge / Support Slack Channel. (I know there is an MVP Slack Channel discussing issues)

  • Different Channels for different aspects
  • Non critical support with SDL
  • Knowledge Sharing between SDL / Partners
  • Critical issues worldwide can be announced. Partners can be updated on these issues, timescales and hotfixes.

Let me know your thoughts!



Not Planned

We will not add Slack as a product enhancement but appreciate the suggestion, discussion, and creation of a community-created Slack channel. Those interested can fill out the form here: (this is maintained by the community--see comments for background).

  • Hi Tom. SDL Community itself can address some of the scenarios you're describing from knowledge sharing to options for wikis and chat. I can't say much on whether Slack would work in this ideation board (which is really for product suggestions for SDL Web itself), but consider posting this suggestion to the community itself:

    Even with an existing chat, I'm not partial to the technology. For example we've had PowerTools chat on Skype, MVP chat on Skype, and even a chat on a web-based irc channel. Which one was that, ? Freenode?

    Informally you're free to do whatever, but for the best reach, to manage who's in/out, and to avoid going stale, I'd opt for either SDL Community OR Tridion StackExchange.

    For an existing chat, see TRex Chat: We've (I've) tried to start something there and occasionally someone pops in to say hello.

  • Hi Alvin,

    The reason for bringing this up, from my personal experience I've seen Slack working well for other CMS Platforms and I really think it could improve knowledge sharing, and increase openness. I know it's working well for the MVP's so why not expand this to the open field and get everyone involved.

    Lots of Partners are using Slack for communication in Client Projects, Internal and External conversations and other CMS Platforms. To me it would make sense that SDL go that way too.

    These are just my thoughts!



  • Hi Tom

    The Sitecore slack channel was started by an MVP

    So maybe the SDL Web/Tridion slack channel could be started by a future MVP? ;-)

    It would be great to have SDL behind it too though.



  • was also started by the community (by Dave Houlker). I'd say that if _anyone_ creates such a channel, people will join - including people at SDL, just like happened with the Stack Exchange forum.

  • Hi All,

    Just to let you know that the SDL Web Community Slack channel launched this morning!

    We’ve added channels for all the different products (#tridion, #smarttarget, #dxa) as well as #tds2017 which is for chatting about the up and coming Tridion Developer Summit.

    In order to join we just need you to fill in this quick Google form ( which explains the guidelines of the community and then a link will be sent out to you.

    If you have any questions or comments then feel free to reach out to myself, Rob, Chris or Ryan.