Translation Result Status, for nothing submitted

Under Community Review

When you send items for translation which do not need translation, rather than seeing an error in the status queue it would be good to show a positive status, e.g. Already Translated

Under Community Review

We have a few months before our next program planning session (roughly quarterly).

I'm not sure we'll pick this up, but in the meantime I'm looking for feedback on the specific status preferred. See my comment below.

  • This is a good point - more so given the fact it's reported as an error often needs explciitly catching in event system code to allow these "errors" to pass through (which means gnarly code to look through the Error XML for a specific string!)

  • Would a "warning" work as well? Previously the Publishing Queue had similar behavior to show "success" even when it resolved no items to actually publish. Instead it now warns users that now items were queued.

  • @Alvin, for me the "Warning" status works, so long as there can be a message explaining the reason for the warning (i.e. no items need translating)

    Otherwise, a distinct status would be clearer.

  • For me - the message is fine - it's the status of "warning" that's missing. I agree with Alvin that "warning" seems re-usable and intuitive as it's used elsewhere and lies naturally between Success and Fail.

  • : where are you checking for that error XML and what's the string you're looking for? Is that from the UI?

  • Ideally the translation job would report status of each item, but we don't have a UI screen for this right now. We do have multi-error reporting screens for BluePrint move up/down (and I think Localization), but it's not generalized (and TMs error is really just a label in the job's screen itself).

    Maybe we could improve the message for certain use cases--where all of the items selected for the job have nothing to translate or they've already been translated. But when do you see this most often? When an editor sends a single item, when there are multiple items based on the same schema (with no translatable fields), or perhaps when the "already translate" checkbox isn't checked?