In Progress
over 1 year ago

Allow text editing in track change mode on client's side during client review phase instead of comments only

I understand that we want to keep track of the changes made on the client's side, but most corrections could be made directly by the client instead of requesting changes in comments that have to be inserted afterwards by translators. Would it be possible to have simple track changes of some kind so that we can still have traces of the changes and send comments/explanations to client if need be? The fact that all corrections are done in comments on client's side and then inserted on our end in the view of the comments is time consuming and more than often useless since the requested corrections are legitimate and could have been inserted directly by the client. A simple tracking system would still allow us to see the corrections and update our terminology entries and other resources accordingly. Comments could be used only for points on which the client is unsure, not for corrections like comas and final dots.

  • Hi Etienne,

    the SDL Online Editor has a Track Changes mode that can be used during Client Review. Please contact me directly so I can put you in touch with someone in the product team to schedule a demonstration of the SDL Online Editor.