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over 2 years ago

Creation of additional users by client

We have a client who would like to add users in Mantra by himself to save time. If going via the

  • Hi Tina,

    It looks as though your idea was cut off mid-sentence? Regardless, I think I've got the general gist of what you are requesting here.

    There is slightly more to it than simply allowing customers to create new users directly in ManTra (isn't there always? :-)) When creating a user, what visibility and permissions should that new user be granted? It seems a little risky to assume the new user should assume exactly the same permissions as the person they are being created by. There are also licensing implications that would need to be considered, which obviously adds complexity to the solution we'd need to implement. i.e. we'd need to check if a customer has reached the number of allocated users and prevent customers from breaching that limit.

    I'll mark the idea "For Community Review" to see how this resonates with other Community members.