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over 1 year ago

Download Custom Reports from Managed Translation



It would be great if we could let clients download custom reports from Managed Translation. At the moment, if clients need a custom report, we still need to give them access to TMS or have PJMs download the custom report for them. Having everything centralized in a single location would make it easier for our clients.




  • Hi Bernd,

    Thanks for raising this suggestion.

    As we've discussed 'offline', I'd be interested in receiving specific examples of existing Managed Translation customers this feature would be relevant for. The same applies to anyone else that has voted for this idea - please get in touch with me directly (iparnell@sdl.com) so we can discuss the specifics of which reports would be of interest to which customers.



  • Yes, this would be also very handy for DAF and spare the PJM's time!

  • Yes, I have clients that will certainly like this. The LC interface shows all kinds of data to the client so if they could download this in a nice format and then filter for what they need that would be perfect.

  • That`s a good idea ! Although I am afraid we then need to carefully explain which reports we have and what info they can provide or not provide (to avoid endless customizations)