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Enter a date range when Exporting My Data


From many clients I hear that they really like the report they get when using the Export My Data function. However, because they cannot enter a date range the report is not as useful as it could be.

Can you please implement the feature so users can set a start and end date?



  • Thanks for raising this suggestion, Bernd. From the number of votes/comments, this looks to be a popular idea!

    It is possible to define custom templates to be used by ManTra when generating a Data Export. In the absence of a date-range-selector in ManTra, you might therefore consider incorporating this as a 'feature' of the Excel template. E.g. from the 'Dashboard' tab in the Data Export, provide a date slider/picker control that determines what projects are considered in the charts.

    I'll mark this idea for Community Review so we can continue to capture feedback from other Community members.



  • Dear Community Members,

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  • Dear Community Members,

    we are in the process of implementing a Date Range selector for the Export my Data feature in SDL Managed Translation. Once implemented, a user will be able to specify a custom date range that will be applied when generating the export.

    In addition, we are also planning to include a number of preset date ranges that can be selected. For example, "Previous 12 months", "Year to Date", "Previous 3 months", etc. I was interested in getting feedback from Community Members to see if any other preset date ranges would be helpful.

    Thanks in advance for sharing your feedback on this.



  • From my experience, I am mostly requested to gather date:

  • From my experience, I am mostly requested to gather data:

    - Year to date

    - Previous year

    - Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4