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over 1 year ago

Language Cloud Task Status Detail


When clicking in Full project details in LC, only two status are currently shown: "In translation" and "For Download".

Would it be possible to track status more in detail for example "Review", Implementation of Review Comments" with an indication of who is taking care of that stage?

Thank you,


  • Hi Ian,

    would it be possible or is it planned for a future release to also show the currently assigned user, e.g. when a project is in "Review in SDL Language Cloud" it would be good to see the reviewer assigned to this project. This has been requested by several customers.



  • Hi Giovanna,

    We currently expose and report on the following statuses in Managed Translation: -

    - Preparing

    - For Vendor Selection *

    - For Approval

    - In Translation

    - In Review *

    - Reviewed *

    - In Final SignOff *

    - Signed Off *

    - For Download

    - Complete

    The statuses I've marked with an asterisk are only relevant where customers are using the corresponding features in Managed Translation.

    Until now, we have deliberately limited the set of statuses we expose through Managed Translation, with the objective of keeping this view as simple as possible. If there is a requirement to extend the list of statuses we support in Managed Translation, I would be more than happy to consider these on a case by case basis.



  • I agree, showing In LSO would be helpful too.