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over 1 year ago

Optimize Purchase Order (PO) workflow in Mantra - allow to send PDF of PO through Mantra

Issue: While it is possible to create a custom piece of metadata to document and track the PO Number for an approved project in Mantra, clients still need to send SDL or another vendor (in a multi-vendor Mantra instance) the PDF of the Purchase Order offline (through email).

Suggestion: It would be very nice if clients could attach/upload the PDF of the PO to Mantra and it could be sent to the approved vendor all from within Mantra or the quote approval email and not require a separate email or communication.

  • If people associated with the job get a notification of the upload of the particular file, then yes. This would help with additional reference material, not just PO's, added mid-project in general. If the requester still has to email to notify, that would defeat the purpose.

  • Hi Rebecca,

    In early-2019, we are planning to implement a new feature to allow users to upload reference files to an existing project in SDL Managed Translation. This option would be available from the Project Details page.

    Would this mechanism be sufficient for the use case you describe here? The reference file uploaded wouldn't implicitly be marked as a Purchase Order but it would clearly be available via TMS associated with the corresponding job.