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over 1 year ago

Possibility for Job Creator to assign a Job approver per job

per job  my client (Paccar Parts) has a different Job approver. So it is not possible to create a job approvers group - because everybody in that group get a notification and that is not what the clients wants.

It would be absolutely brilliant if the job creator can select in a drop down menu the job approver. This person has to be assigned in the 'quote awaiting approval' stage automatically and need to receive the email.

  • Hi Josje, Jaimy, Bernd,

    Presumably, Paccar have a finite number of users that should be empowered to approve a project? In which case, you could create an attribute field in TMS (picklist) containing all of the potential project approvers. In TMS, you could then have a custom stage (using MATE?) to assign the Authorisation step to the user selected during project creation. That user would then receive the email notification when the project is ready for approval in ManTra.



  • At the moment ManTra works on users having the right permissions.

    This results in different groups all being able to authorize the same jobs as long they are in the right organization.

    I think it would be much more dynamic, if it works on only groups being assigned to a stage can approve (as how it works for reviewing in mantra).

    I know workaround would be creating additional organizations, but number of organizations can explode for some clients.

  • Absolutely agree. Basically, ManTra/TMS should look at who(individual/group) is assigned to the Quote Awaiting Approval step and not just grant every person in the group with approving rights permission to approve/view the task/job.