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Postprocessed work delivery back via Mantra

Basically, all jobs the client is sending via Mantra, they would like to receive back via Mantra. 

But for clients that we do postprocessing work (DTP/Engineering) we take the files offline - make ouptut that is agreed with the client -  and the only way to get them back in TMS so we can deliver in Mantra, is by replacing the files in TMS per language. If you have a client with 16 languages for example, this is really not doable so we deliver offline per email or per ftp. Also replacing files in TMS is not ideal, because if there are comments on the file after delivery - we can not set it back anymore. 

In my mind, ideal would be that we have the opportunity to deliver additional files by a zip upload. This can be handy for various clients & processes. 

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