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over 2 years ago

Removing languages in Authorization stage

Most of our clients has asked if it would be possible to remove language from the project when it is in Authorization stage. Often they are asking for many languages and then decide not to proceed all of them. Nowadays they have to contact the PJM team and they can terminate specific languages in TMS.

  • When a PJM is setting a language to terminated in TMS, the recalculation is working fine. But sure, the manually added costs need to be reviewed. This should be done by the PJMs manually.

  • Hi Tina,

    Thanks for raising this suggestion. Assuming we allowed a customer to remove a language prior to authorization, we would clearly need to recalculate the cost of that project. Could we rely on automated cost recalculation for this or would the project need to be reviewed (again) by a Project Manager before the customer is able to authorize?

    For example, is there a scenario where a project might have a static additional cost associated with it, that is dependent on the number of languages in that project?

    I''ll set this idea "For Community Review" so we can see what feedback we get from other Community members.