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The SDL Managed Translation reviewing interface would need a similar option like "sdlxliff-split-merge"

The SDL Managed Translation reviewing editor would need a similar option like the Studio app "sdlxliff-split-merge", since translation files coming for instance from IDML, DOCX or XML can be so large that translators and reviewers are simply not able to handle them as is neither in SDL Trados Studio nor in SDL Managed Translation reviewing interface.

Clients often do not understand why they should split up their source documents into smaller modules.

  • Hi Frank,

    The requirement to split/merge is actually quite specific to Studio because of the way Studio loads an entire file which then impacts on performance. In the Language Cloud Online Editor, we don't have that limitation, thanks to seamless paging and streaming, so it would not be appropriate to split/merge files. Large file support in the Language Cloud Online Editor has been a consideration right from the outset and we regularly test with large files (War and Peace to be precise!).

    We do still need to rethink how working with large files would work from the Online Editor – could you allocate segments 1-1000 to one user, 1001-2000 to another etc. and could we facilitate that somehow? In the end everyone would still work on the same file at the same time but there would be some orchestration to give different users different pieces as it were. The capability is therefore important (and something we'll consider in the roadmap for SDL Language Cloud) but it would have nothing to do with physically splitting/merging anymore.

    All of this, of course, implies a customer is working in the Language Cloud Online Editor rather than the Client Review interface in ManTra.



  • I think we cannot ask clients to split their source files and so it would be a good idea to implement something similar as "sdlxiff-split-merge".