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over 2 years ago

Trigger automated notification to customer when ManTra job quote is changed

Hi Ian,

our customer Philips has the following use case and would like to know whether there are any plans to incorporate their requirement into the product at any point:

- Philips user creates new project in ManTra

- After wordcount analysis and calculation is completed in TMS the PJM enters costs in additional metadata fields if and where applicable

- PJM submits the project to the next stage which is Authorization step which triggers the Language Cloud Authorization Notification to be sent to the customer to which the ManTra job quote is attached

- The customer approves the project in ManTra thus also signing off on the job quote and translation is started

Use case / customer request:

It happens frequently that costs change in the course of the project i.e. after cost approval by the customer and additional effort is incurred that needs to be added to the job quote. The PJM enters the additional cost in the applicable cost fields. 

Is it possible to trigger an a utomated notification to the customer when the costs are edited post-approval?



  • Hi Jacqueline,

    We do not plan to implement this functionality exactly in the way you describe. I can suggest a couple of alternative approaches that would yield a similar end result, however.

    Based on current functionality, my suggestion would be for the Project Manager to notify the customer/project creator if the described scenario occurs. i.e. the project costs change after customer approval. The customer should respond with their approval of the revised costs and the email thread should be attached as reference material for future auditing purposes.

    In the future, we plan to implement a 'messaging service' in ManTra to allow stakeholders to communicate within the platform. You shouldn't think of this as a chat/instant messaging; any messages sent to a user would just be visible the next time they access the system. This feature might provide an alternative method of handling changes to a project (updated costs, scheduling, etc.) - the benefit being the communication history would be entirely contained within the application itself.



  • As a work giver, I view my approval in Mantra as an agreement to pay a certain cost for a project. When those costs are updated for whatever reason, I should have to re-approve. I could envision an instance where a work giver approves a quote and it gets updated for whatever reason but the work giver is not notified, I see the potential of the work giver holding SDL to the original approved cost quote.  If Mantra could re-trigger a notification and approval, it protects SDL to make sure they get paid the proper amount and it protects the work giver to make sure that they have money in place to cover the costs.