Under Community Review

Thanks Octavio for your idea. Unfortunately, allowing users to move the task to a system stage is very complex because we would have to be certain that it is safe to move the task and we also possibly need to "undo" some previous processing (if, for example, we wanted to move the file back to pre-processing). I'm moving this under community review and we'll take a look to see what might be possible in a future version of SDL TMS. Perhaps it would be possible to submit a new file through MJS and cancel the previous one in this scenario?


Allow users to Modify Stage to a System stage

While this can be dangerous, Modify Stage can be dangerous even for Human stages when used inappropriately. Currently, it is only possible to modify the stage to a system stage for a file in Recovery, which can be very useful for corrupted bilingual files that need to be run through Pre-processing again to rebuild a good bilingual file.

Maybe a new permission to allow this would be necessary.