Under Community Review

Thank you for your idea. I understand the requirement but, as with the previous idea, implementation is difficult as SDL TMS would have to "undo" work that had already been done on the file. As with the previous idea, we'll take another look when we are planning the next release of SDL TMS and see if there's anything that can be implemented.


Allow users to upload a new source file and re-run pre-processing

We often find that source content has mistakes or issues that make translation difficult or impossible. It would be useful to be able to modify the source file to fix those issues prior to sending it to translation. While I realize that you can simply create a new job to do this, that is not the case when the files have come from an integration that is monitoring that specific job/file.

A TMS PM should be able to download the source file at Authorization, modify it as necessary, and rerun it through pre-processing. Note, that we have tried the "Convert Item" workflow stage but that requires that the file extension and file type filter actually change. Pre-processing should actually re-process the file even if the file type has not changed.

The ability to re-run pre-processing may come from this feature: