In Progress

Hi Christiane,

Thank you for your idea to help us improve SDL TMS. It seems that this functionality was overlooked when we implemented the changes to vendor permissions. We will include a fix in SDL TMS 12.5 which will enable vendors to complete jobs.



Allow vendor PJMs to complete jobs

In recent releases, SDL TMS was enhanced to introduce vendor groups to support broader permissions for vendor users, beyond the traditional permission set that was based on the vendor being solely in the role of the work receiver. One of the permissions that can now be granted to vendors is job creation on behalf of the customer. Along with the responsibility for job creation comes usually the responsibility for its proper closure. At the moment, vendor users cannot complete jobs they created on behalf of their customer. Specifically, the option to 'Submit' from the 'Download Files' pages is missing. It should be available to vendor users with the permission to create jobs.