Under Community Review
over 2 years ago

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for raising a new idea for SDL TMS. I'm going to leave this under Community Review for now and encourage contributions on this topic from other people in case there's more that we can do here.


Create new project/job from this project/clone option in TMS

I'd really like a quick way to clone or copy an existing project. Sometimes we try many TM sequences on a project and if we haven't just created the project and have the "create new job with these files" option, we have to start from scratch. It would be nice to have a button that says clone project, or copy and create new job, or something. That way, I can get everything carried over and only change the TM sequence. 

  • I strongly support the option of copying or cloning jobs and projects or creating templates. We're handling a large amount of content that needs to be structured in jobs by language pair and it's extremely time-consuming to have to input identical meta data (customer, cost centre, order Information) separately for every single job.

  • Additionally, allowing for the creation of Job Templates would be another, related piece of functionality. If I have a product line that always has the same language set, same configuration, same TM, etc, a template would make project creation much quicker.