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Hi Susanne,

That you for your idea. Can I just confirm that this is intended for SDL TMS and not for SDL Trados Studio? If so, could you provide some clarification on the steps that you currently take?



Enhance the quality check with query by small and capital letters for term note used

When running the verification dialogue it should be possible to define whether the query should take note about small and capital letters of the terms. We have many abbreviated terms (all written in capital letters) which are at the same time common words in the text (e.g. DIES). This throws hundreds of messages as the systems expects that the translator uses the term which in most cases of course is not correct. This causes a lot of work to check for both, the translator and the Project Manager.

According to SDL Support there is currently no work around for the problem.

Does anyone has any other idea?

  • Hi David, no it is really when doing the quality check in SDL Trados. We have many abbreviations which are for example in the German target file equal to abbreviations (such as DIES, ANS, ALS). This are at the same time very common words which come up all the time in the text and each time throws an finding. How could I attach some screenshots to show the problem?