Under Community Review
over 1 year ago

Hi Jenny,

Thank you for you idea to help us improve SDL TMS. I'll leave this under community review to allow others to add feedback and vote on this idea. Unfortunately, I don't have access to client implementations of SDL TMS so I can't look at the examples you posted.



Give explicit error messages to say why a file upload has failed

We have seen an increase in the number of file upload fails in TMS recently. There is no error message to say why the file has not been uploaded properly or how this can be fixed. Instead, when looking at the task, we just see the red upwards arrow with the black box above it in the status column. Having an error message telling people what step to take next would be helpful for both SDL language offices and project managers. This would save time for LOs, PMOs and LDTS.

Here are some examples:

https://swissre.sdlproducts.com: TASK28676 (ZH>EN) 25th Oct

http://fmglobal.sdlproducts.com: TASK200337 (PT>EN) 30th Oct