Idea Delivered
over 1 year ago

SDL TMS 12.2 CU5 has re-instated this functionality based on user feedback.

Modify workflow step from Complete back to TCR (TMS v12.1 and up)

We are no longer able to place tasks from Complete back to Translated Content Retrieval (TMS 12.1).

In fact, when a Job reaches Complete the Job status is set to InActive.  In past versions, when Modify Step was utilized it would first adjusts the Job status from InActive back to Active.   Beginning with v12.1, we have been seeing how this is not occurring which is causing the Modify Step action to fail with "The task belongs to an inactive job" error being seen in the TMS log.

Our SDL contacts are telling us SDL development considers this normal behavior and would not address this as a defect. Moving tasks from Complete back to TCR was really helpful when troubleshooting issues with Completed jobs.



  • Multiple times per month we receive a small client correction on our final delivery - we use the modify step to update our TM to get the correct Perfect Matching in the next job. The workaround to create a new job is a lot more effort - what is unneccesary because this functionality was working perfectly for years.