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over 3 years ago

Project TMs should be in more recent format or TMX

It is pretty inconvenient to receive project TMs in legacy SDLX MDB format. Can this be changed to receive either sdltm or universal TMX?

  • Hi David,

    whenever I download project TM only, zip file is downloaded which contains mdb files. There is no option to download in different format (at least not from translator side).

    And yes, this is related to yesterday's process when you do not work with packages... but still, if you need to upload project TMs to GS it is fastest and safest to download these separately before all relevant projects are created and update GS TM in one go for multiple processed jobs.

    I know, there is TMS-GS integration, but until templates are not available directly in TMS or GS, this is again too time-consuming... Hopefully GS2017 will help in this area.



  • Hi Ladislav,

    I'm a little confused. SDL TMS offers Project TM download in TMX, MDB and SDLTM format. If you download a Studio package then the Project TM will be in SDLTM format. Can you elaborate on your idea please?