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Hi Pawel,

The file type needs to stay in a configuration when there are jobs in SDL TMS using that file type. If you want to replace a file type in a configuration then the best approach is:

  • Save a copy of the configuration
  • Replace the file type in the new configuration
  • Use the new configuration going forward until all jobs on the old configuration are completed
  • Remove the old configuration



SDL TMS - Support Idea - Replace live Content Types in Configurations

Dear Team,

We often are having issues where for example Word 2007-2013 is causing issues. Simply we replace content type, but for most of cases its difficult to do it when its in use in live jobs. As a workaround we change extensions to add Word 2007-2016 content type into Config.

Is there a possibility to replace Content Type in Configuration even if Content Type is in use?


Thank you in advance,