Under Community Review
over 1 year ago

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for submitting your idea to help us improve SDL TMS. I'm going to put it under community review to see if we can gather any more requirements about how to get more information on the TMs that we use.



Show analysis/statistics for TM utilization at the Job level and across TM's

It would be nice if when looking at the TM leverage for a language/task in a job, a user could see the break down of how many, by %, segments are leveraged per TM in a given sequence. (e.g., 20% of the 100% matches come from TM 1, 80% of the 100% come from TM 2). This kind of information would be useful when determining where the majority of the leverage is coming from in a particular job/TM sequence combination.

Additionally it would be nice to add this as a report, where a user selects a TM or TM sequence and can see how often or much a specific TM is used. This kind of report can help with determining utility of older/legacy TM's and whether they still provide leverage value in a particular sequence for a particular file type or product.