Not Planned
over 2 years ago

Hi Josje,

Thanks for submitting an idea for SDL TMS. As you may be aware, we have plans in place to replace the current Client Review interface with a new editor that will be shared across all SDL products. The editor is "inspired" by the existing SDL Trados Studio editor and, as such, will ultimately provide the same filtering functionality. This means that you will be able to show only repetitions (for example). Keep watching this space.

"Not Planned" indicates that it's something we will do but that we haven't yet announced a release for this feature.



Showing repetitions in Client Review interface - indicated by an alert function with line number to increase consistency in content

Paccar Parts would like to have the possibility that the Client Review interface is showing when a word or part of a text is a repetition. They would like to see that rehearsals in a single project are indicated by an alert function with line numbers to increase consistency in content. The client review interface is not showing repetitions because translators are confirming all segments after translation