Not Planned

Thank you for raising this idea. We already have this in the backlog for SDL TMS but we haven't yet decided on a release version for the feature. As such, I've moved it to "Not Planned".



Suffix language name or Create Folders with respective language

Hello Team,

I would like to suggest an idea to Suffix language name or to Create Folders with respective language while selecting and downloading content for Multiple language at once. 

In Current scenario, if we received one job in 10 languages and we decide to download project package for all languages at once, it allows us to download but its hard to differentiate which project belongs to which language. PM has to open each package and confirms to check if it belongs to the desired language or not.

If we could Prefix or Suffix target language name in the file we are willing to download or allow content to download as a folder, where folder naming convention belongs to its respective language would be a great help and time saving for all Project Managers/Project Coordinators/Translation Managers/ Associate Translation managers.

Please feel free to get back to me, if anything stated above is unclear to you :) 

Best Regards,

Abhineet Singh Chauhan |
Sr. Translation Administrative Coordinator
Global Language Office, MumbaiIndia | SDL
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