Under Community Review

Hi Enes,

Thank you for raising an idea to help us improve SDL TMS. I've put this under community review for now as I think it needs a little more thought and consideration before we could adopt such an idea. There are some details to work out around permissions, viability, increased support tickets, service-level agreements and support contracts so I'd be interested to get more feedback on the idea from other users.



TMS Job and Gateway connection to prevent platform back and forths

Hi there,

As you know, in the current setup when there is an issue in one of the TMS jobs/tasks, a support ticket needs to be raised through the SDL Gateway platform to inform the Support Team. In the Gateway platform, we need to communicate the issue, job ID, urgency, and any other issues. The problem here is upon the ticket creation, back and forths between TMS and Gateway platform starts for both PJMs and Engineers. This is time-consuming for the issue resolution and can be managed in an efficient way.

To prevent this I believe SDL Gateway ticket section can be added to TMS Job Dashboard page so that when there is an issue for a specific TMS Job, the PJM can directly inform the Support team by just clicking a button because a Support ticket will be automatically raised and be sent to the Support Team with the explanation of the issue. Clicking the button on the job dashboard can either trigger an email to the Support Team for support ticket creation or can directly create a Support ticket with the necessary explanations.

Let me know what you think about this approach.