Under Community Review
over 3 years ago

Hi Maciej,

Thank you for raising an idea to help improve SDL TMS. As you're aware, we already have view pages for some of the objects in SDL TMS and we are interested to hear about requirements for further pages of this type. I'm going to leave this in community review to see if anyone else has ideas for view-only pages that they like us to implement on other objects.



TMS Permissions to View/Download without Editing

Currently permissions given to PJM who wants to download content or view content of TMS are blocked.

View only permission allow to view the list of TMs, workflows, workflow stages but not the workflow itself.

To do that we as TMS Support need to give them Edit permission.

Ideally would be to have View option with possibility to check the element not a list of them.

For ex. View Cost Matrix, download filet ype (without possibility to upload), view workflows, workflow stages, organization, configuration settings.