Under Community Review
over 1 year ago

Hi Arjun,

Thank you for submitting your idea to help improved SDL TMS. Can I ask whether you're using the Passolo/TMS integration or whether you're downloading and uploading bundles? I'll put the status to "Under Community Review" for now.



Upload status for Passolo Bundles


It would be great to have task download and upload status at Task Summary page for successful Passolo bundle upload. It works perfectly fine for ITDs & SDLXLIFFs, but not for Passolo Bundles.

Below sample screenshot of SDLXLIFF successful download (similar is expected for Passolo Bundle).

Currently translator has to check the task history for upload status for individual tasks, this step is not feasible for multiple files in jobs (additional time consuming task).

Also "Automatically submit bilingual files when successfully uploaded." doesn't work for Passolo Bundles which is a different issue.