Planned for Future Release

Thanks for the feedback and input, this is a good enhancement request, to include the Project Type in at info pane. Are there any other data points you would like to see included? To make this list configurable would entail a lot of rework on the existing version, if we had to add the missing data explicitly, what else would be useful for you to see?



add/customize the field shown in 'Project Group Information' frame on left-hand side of Tasks view

After clicking on a Project from the main 'Projects' list, and now on the screen to view the details of a project group ('Tasks' view?), the 'Project Group Information' display in the left-hand frame is very useful, but I wish it showed whatever attributes that I might need to check on (such as Project Type).

It would be very useful to be able to select and re-order the attributes displayed here, just as we can do for columns in the right-hand frame.