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Adding Latin language to the set of Suppoerted languages in MultiTerm


Since the days of Trados 6.5 and corresponding version of MultiTerm desktop, I've been asked by, mostly GOV and CORP clients, the same question for which I don't have the answer. 

Where is the Latin language in MultiTerm? Will there be support for Latin Language in MultiTerm 2019?

I know that translators are inventive and flexible and find the workaround with "misusing" other languages, but what is the real reason behind the fact that Latin Language is not one of the supported languages?

It would make a perfect case for use in Life Sciences, Biology, etc.

Latin Language has its own ISO codes and abbreviations so technically it should not be that difficult.

And it would make those customers, clients, users  who care about using correct language codes for interchange purposes, extremely happy.


Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Latin language. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latin 


It would be really great if this get into next release of MultiTerm.