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over 1 year ago

Case-sensitivity support for terminology check/AutoSuggest



Currently, it is not possible to have a case-sensitive terminology check to make sure that upper/lower case are handled differently.
The problem is that texts that are written upper/lower case should be translated differently (see example 1 “BLOCK vs. block” below) and many false positives may result if the translations are different (see example 2 below) :

For example:

1. Press the command BLOCK.

  1. The user can block add adds by enabling the add blocker.




Furthermore, included terminology should be suggested in context-specific case, for example, capitalized at the beginning of the sentence.

So the feature would be, that Autosuggest not only suggests the terms independent of the case of the first letter, but also adopts the case of the first letter accordingly upon accepting an entry.





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  • As far as I remember a term appearing in a text like "block" will not be matched by an entry in MultiTerm saying "Block".

    But the other way round MultiTerm lookup need to find the word, since the word "Block" might be sentence-initial. So case-sensitivity in term-lookup has to differentiate.