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over 3 years ago

As a note, this is already possible today through the API and we have customers that use a custom tool that runs exports overnight. Keeping open to track interest in making it a core feature.

Introduce scheduled exports for MultiTerm

As a long-term MultiTerm user I would like to have the option to schedule exports jobs on the MultiTerm/GroupShare server.

We export termbases regularly and it would help tremendously if we had the option to configure export jobs that automatically run at a defined time.

  • I just want to wrap this up for anyone else reading. There was a misunderstanding on my part - we do not have a script that can be used to automate termbase exports from GroupShare. SDL Professional Services can help with this task and Frank is already in contact with them.

  • Hi Adrian,

    thanks for your feedback.

    I actually did get in touch with SDL Professional Services, but haven´t received an answer yet.

    I will raise a support ticket and refer to your comment. Let´s see if we can get this to work.


  • Hi , did you get in touch with SDL Support for this topic? We may be able to provide a script that you can run as a scheduled task in Windows that does that (export all termbases or specific ones that you choose) - but we need to have a few details about your setup first.