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MultiTerm 2019: Improve use of picklist fields in input model

In my termbase, some fields have been defined as picklists and I allowed multple values, e.g. for my "Customer" or "Subject matter" fields. This works fine when entering the values manually.

In input models, however, I can only predefine a single default value for this kind of fields.

Just an example: I would like to assign the values "Halbleiter" and "Elektronik" to the "Fachgebiet" field by default. Currently, I can only assign one of these in the input model.

I tried a workaround, i.e. I selected that field twice in the input model and assigned a different value to each of them, like this:

But this does not help either, the values I selected last appears as a default for both fields:

Would it be possible to change this behavior in such a way that multiple defaults can be assigned to a multiple-value field in the input model? This would avoid a lot of clicking and scrolling while entering terms. BTW the entire user interface for creating input models should be revamped, it is not intuitive at all...


Annette (from Manfred's account)