Under Community Review

Additional Passolo string status needed to accommodate testing projects and strings tested in the context of the actual software

Another status is needed in the CAT tools where software testing is involved. The intention is to clearly identify if a string was reviewed in-context in the product, or only reviewed outside of context, due to difficulty of setting up the conditions or some other accepted reason. Tracking the status of a string separately in an Excel file or other external system alone, is inadequate.

Passolo currently has a “Reviewed” status for strings. We would like to add a “Reviewed In Context” status that linguists can set and which will show up in the TBULIC when the engineers use the .glo to pretranslate the file.

  • I have another request as it concerns the status : it would be great if we could create our own status, as we are able to create some custom properties. In my context, it would help me to filter/exclude the resources to be translated by a country but not by another one through the translation strings (strings related to a specific module but included in the main flow). Such status should be considered into the Statistic reports