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Allow Java Options to be defined differently at language level


I have a Passolo project targeting Java properties files. The string list settings including Java Options are defined at project level:

Ideally, I would like to be able to choose for which language the "Escape all characters above 0x7f as \uxxxx" setting is turned on. For Russian, I want it turned on to ensure Russian text is correctly displayed in the application. For German, I want it turned off because the application can handle German characters and this is making external customizations a little more difficult for customers. Entries in the generated files can be used by customers to change label values. This would force German, French and Spanish customers to decode entries before they upload their customizations.

To circumvent the issue, I have to create two copies of the same project, one for languages such as Russian, Arabic and Polish requiring escape sequences in the output and one for languages such as German, French and Italian where escape sequences are not required.

It would be useful to me if I could have a single project for all languages. For this, I would need to be able to set the parameter in the language string settings instead of the project settings.


Max Cécilien

  • Thank you for the quick answer and tip.

  • Such a feature is not available. Personally I think it is a post localization use case as you are looking for a feature within Passolo that makes it easier to your clients to customize translated target files that were correctly generated by Passolo. I would suggest looking for a command line utility in the JDK or in other sources that could automatically convert Java properties files with Unicode escape sequences with \uxxxx notation into Latin-1 encoded files. Such a utility can be called automatically by Passolo after target file generation for specific languages which will finally solve the problem.