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Allow screenshots in Passolo and map string to the screenshot

UI screenshots can help translators to understand the meaning of the UI Strings. So if screenshots are allowed to be imported into a Passolo project, and if each string can be mapped to (linked with) the corresponding screenshot automatically (by OCR?), and translators can view the screenshot by one click, that will be very helpful to translators.

  • We have developed rigi.io to exactly do what you are asking for. Using our technology, you can capture HTML Previews of an application (Web, WPF, embedded, etc) and translate them WYSIWYG in Passolo. Feel free to contact me directly and I can show to you how it works.

  • You might have found a solution using a Passolo Addin named RIGI Solutions. I just tested the solution and it seems promising (for .Net /WPF language or Angular). I am not yet a customer but I received excellent support during the test phase.

  • Such a feature is already available. Using ProjectEmbedded Files you can add any kind of additional reference files including images to the project.

    In each string entry you can add comments with hyperlinks to these embedded files. Please read https://docs.sdl.com/785448/421946/sdl-passolo-help/hyperlinks for more information on hyperlinks.

    Hyperlinks can be added manually, but if you resource file format supports comments that can be imported with the Passolo parser (e.g. .NET RESX files), you can automatically import the hyperlinks and let developers create them.

    Translators will always see the comment and with one click can open the image.

    Reading embedded images with OCR and automatically associating them to selected entries seem to be quite complex, but could be implemented as a customized solution using the inbuilt macro technology.