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Automatic mapping of columns to target languages - Excel

Hi all,

We still receive many UI translation requests in Excel.

Matching the target language/column is very cumbersome and time-consuming, especially since the structure of the files changes from client to client and project to project.  

It would be great if the Excel parser could automatically match the column name to the target language. Either using language name or existing codes (iso, windows, etc). 

For us Passolo is a great, powerful, flexible and very useful tool. This would be icing on the cake ;-)

  • I will look into it, but at the moment the Excel setup function doesn't open the Excel file itself. The proposed feature would require to open the Excel, have some knowledge about the header line which don't need to be the first line and then implement some heuristics to guess which columns are columns with translated content (compared to meta data columns). Not that easy...

    There was another feature wish to be able to handle, store and maintain multiple Excel parser settings that then can easily be applied to new Excel files that are added to a project.