Under Community Review

Consolidated multi-language view of all translations for a select string

You often find that multiple translators made the same methodical mistakes for the same string. For instance, if you do a QA check for French, and you realize that a variable, term, or tag in a specific string was misunderstood and hence mistranslated, the other languages are very likely to be affected as well, i.e. multiple string translations will need to be fixed. It would be very convenient if Passolo offered the option to right-click a selected string in order to open a specific "consolidated/aggregated tab" with a list of all language translations for that specific string (and the ability to correct in there). Basically, a "multi-lang" tab, just like a the French string list, but with all individual language translations. This way, you could fix the mistake for all languages in a matter of a minute or two, and then move on with your original check in French. Moreover, that consolidated list would also be very useful when you make a single on-demand correction for a specific string, say in French, and you want to have a quick check if the other language translations are actually okay, and also to do a multi-language concordance check (for reference purposes) as this would allow you to see how other languages solved a specific translation question and if the translations are equivalent across languages.