Idea Delivered
over 1 year ago

Idea delivered with CU6 for Passolo 2018. See for details.

Correctly export inline tags as tags as shown on Passolo to SDLXLIFF (now it's converted to plain text in SDLXLIFF)

This issue affects word counts, productivity and presents a severe risk due to the possibility of translators modifying the tag markup. The issue concerns both placeholders/variable tags like ‘{1}’ or '%d' or embedded HTML/XML markup. Even if current content does not contain these placeholders/tags it is too risky to use it on production in case new source files would include those.

In Studio all Inline Pattern checks have show as ‘Plain Text’ rather than placeholders as in Passolo (impact word counts and open as editable strings).

While no possible workaround solution in Studio since the Studio setting for ‘SDL XLIFF’ (supporting for .sdlxliff) doesn’t have feature to add tag rule for regular expression.