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over 1 year ago

Display more untranslated strings in the Display strings window

When translating in the translation window the previously translated strings are listed in the window above, but the bottom line in that window is the current string.

In the attached image I have circled the bottom line in that window.

When I have translated this string the window updates, and then I can see the new current string.

I would be able to translate a lot faster if I could see the next 2 or 3 strings instead of just the current string.

I don't need to look at my keyboard or the translation window to translate the short string in this screenshot.

I instantly know how to translate the text, and being just a little intelligent I would easily be able to read the next untranslated string while my fingers type the translation for this string.

So for me it would be a great enhancement if this window could be changed to not just display the previous strings and the current string but instead display the next X strings.

I am not even a woman, but I can still multitask at this minor level. :-)