Planned for Future Release
over 1 year ago

The observed behavior is correct and by design. Passolo doesn’t change the unique resource IDs and keys from key/value pairs in YAML.

I assume that these files are coming from Ruby on Rails which is using a specific grouping syntax in YAML files that is currently not supported by the Passolo YAML parser.

An enhancement is already under investigation and may be available in one of the next versions.

Have the YAML parser be able to change the language tag into the target file (Case 00357730)

en-US at the beginning of a Yaml file doesn't get changed to fr-FR. I've got this Yaml file:


   account.accountdetails.title: Account Details

   account.accountuserlist.title: Account User List

   account.activitytypes.title: Activity Types

   account.exportusagereports.title: Export Usage Reports

   account.advancedsecurity.title: Advanced Security



Development needs the en-US changed to fr-FR. Passolo doesn't do that.