Under Community Review

Improve Passolo batch command efficiency on /translate and /simulate


Currently /translate and /simulate iterate each string list even if it's fully translated that doesn't need for Pretranslation and Pseudo translation.

It will take long time even there're hundreds and thousands of string lists and many languages.



Add a switch /untrans to filter out all string lists that "need translation" to limit /translate and /simulate on these strings only. 

It will reduce time greatly and make Passolo automation more efficiently.




  • Both command line switches do not necessarily process all string lists in a project. Using additional parameters that are also described in the online help, you can restrict the /translate and the /simulate process to defined modules or languages.

    When a string list is processed, Passolo loops through all items in the string list. Depending on the /translate and /simulate options in your settings it doesn’t process entries that are already translated. Even with several hundred thousand entries I don’t think that there is a huge processing time overhead to skip translated entries.

    The processing times for /translate strongly depend on the settings you are using. More TM sources, a missing QuickIndex for project TMs, and using machine translation will increase the processing time for the /translate command. For /simulate there is an option to do not touch already translated entries. Have you ever measured the processing times of you automation, when all entries are set translated? Would be interesting to see the differences and how long it will take.

    You can already implement the /untrans option you are looking for: Implement a small macro that loops just the translation lists in the project. Internal list states give you the information if the list is 100% translated. Write all untranslated lists into a new command file, than call the command file.