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Make "Find All" button the default // more prominent than "Find (next) button"

When translators and proofreaders use Passolo, most of them tend to click the "Find" button instead of "Find all" button. This is due to the fact that the button is located right next to the search field where one enters the word to be searched. Actually, we find this very, very, very disadvantageous as well as not intuitive - because, at least in our projects, you will want to find all instances of a specific word/string and correct them consistently (at least in 99% of the cases). The Find button will only find the next occurance of a searched term, and that is also dependent on the current cursor position in the text list, which is also unfavorable for our use case where you want to make sure to "catch them all" (the mistakes, that is).

By default, the search function should use "Find all" and hence the button position should be reconsidered. From a user-experience perspective, the "Find next" function is only useful as you advance in your list making/checking for specific/known issues and in that case, pressing the F3 button for browsing the occurrances is more useful than opening the search dialog clicking "Find" (over and over again).

  • I partly understand your requirement, but I would disagree with the statement that the existing interface of the Find function is not intuitive enough.

    In a world of web interfaces, when searching the internet, looking for shopping products or doing travel arrangements all Find operations are mostly Find All operations.

    But when looking into editing tools you will hardly find many tools that have a Find All function. In most cases editors just have a Find (Next) function and when a Find All function is available the Find (Next) is the default option as Find All operations may take a much longer processing time.

    I'm a bit older and personally I do not like using the mouse. For me it is too time consuming to enter the search text, then take the mouse, move it to the button and then click.

    This is why I always show and teach clients to completely use the keyboard whenever possible. You have to learn some shortcuts and access keys, but I found the user experience much better. In your case I would recommend to start with Ctrl+F to open the Search dialog, then type the text to be searched and then press Alt+A to start the Find All operation.

    I would appreciate other users to comment on this requirement.