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over 1 year ago

Make MS Spellchecker Compatible with Passolo When User Has Office 365 Desktop Installed


I had previously logged this issue: Case 00473373 - Spellcheck Set to MSWord But Using Polar. Now that I have Office 365 on my desktop instead of Office 2013, the MS Spellchecker no longer works with Passolo 2017. The built-in Polar spellcheck is not very useful, especially for foreign languages. 

Paul from Support told me the solution was to install Office 2013. I talked to my IT dept, and they said that I cannot have both desktop Office 2013 and desktop Office 365 on my computer at the same time. I could have Office 2013 desktop and Office 365 online, but that's not an option for me because I have to have Office 365 desktop for work.

So I would like to request that you make the MS Spellcheck add-in in Passolo compatible with the latest Office 365 desktop. I think this is an important feature and that this issue should be fixed for the next version.